Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual by Bryan Ciyou

An open letter:

The Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual, 3rd Edition (2010) is written by an Indiana attorney with a life-long interest in firearms. This, coupled with extensive practice experience in handling firearms’ cases, is the foundation for the Manual. There is no other work of its kind.

The Manual is apolitical.

As such, it is an invaluable tool for anyone working with firearms. More importantly, it is expansive in its coverage of local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations. It is a portal to access this vast body of law, mated with critical legal analysis, but packaged in an easy-to-use format.

Finally, for trainers, lawyers, or others with advanced considerations and inquiry in the field, the Manual has extensive annotations and appendices. These contain the most common statutory provisions and key cases. There are thousands of prior copies in daily use through the State and Country.

Bryan Ciyou




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Disclaimer: The Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual, Third Edition was considered, researched, and written to provide its  Readers with accurate and authoritative coverage of the subject matter.  However, all laws are always subject to reasonable, but different, legal interpretations, as to meaning and actual application. Thus, the Manual is a tool designed for educational purposes only.  In addition, as it relates to reciprocity and interstate carry, transportation, and shipping of firearms, the material was not prepared by persons licensed to practice in these areas and/or states. For these reasons, the Manual is not intended to supplant, nor limit, the Reader’s need to consult with competent counsel of his/her choice regarding specific issues arising with any topical coverage herein.  Only with the aid and guidance of counsel can the facts be developed, and then considered, under the controlling State and Federal laws, rules, and regulations applicable to such circumstances, at a specific point in time, in order to properly reach a reasoned legal course. It is the factual and legal interplay of dynamics that is critical, and often, determinative: This type of careful, detailed analysis is well beyond the scope of this Manual’s intended purpose. Inasmuch, Bryan Lee Ciyou, and/or Ciyou & Dixon, P.C., is/are not engaged in rendering legal advice, opinions, or other professional services, related to the coverage contained herein, to any Reader.