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Chapter Excerpts from Third Edition

"An 1831 Indiana statute prohibited everyone, except travelers, from wearing or carrying concealed weapons. The Indiana Supreme Court held this statute constitutional in 1833."

"A forcible felony is one that involves the use or threat of use of force against a human being, or in which there is imminent danger of injury to a human being. There are numerous non-forcible felonies, such tax evasion or forgery. These are not felonies to which there may be a deadly force justification."

"Under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, the Congress barred any suit from continuing against manufacturers under nuisance and related theories. In addition, it prohibited any future suits from being filed in State or Federal Court."

"There is no requirement that a handgun be carried without a round in the chamber. In addition, current design and engineering virtually eliminates the chances of a round being fired by the firing pin striking the primer in the event the handgun is dropped."



What is your IntelliGence QUotieNt™, or GUN IQ?

Test your understanding of State and Federal gun law applicable in Indiana by answering these true or false questions:

I can carry a firearm I lawfully possess in the workplace under a new law?

Handguns have to be licensed under Indiana Law?

Ammunition for handguns and long guns have the same minimum age requirements for purchase?

There is a lawful way to check firearms in luggage and transport them while flying on commercial flights?

Handguns and long guns cannot use magazines that contain more than 10 rounds?

A License to carry a handgun is not required to lawfully carry on a person's home, property, or fixed place of business?

Firearms may be purchased or sold only through a FFL holder?

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