Table of Contents

Part I: Legal System, Classes of Crimes and Types of Firearms
Ch 01: Law-Making and Legal Processes
Ch 02: Classes and Grades of Crimes, Sentencing and Enhancements
Ch 03: Types of Firearms

Part II: Handgun and Long Guns
Ch 04: Carrying a Handgun Without a License
Ch 05: License to Carry a Handgun
Ch 06: Long Guns

Part III: Restrictions on Carry of Lawfully Possessed Firearms
Ch 07: Airports and Aircraft
Ch 08: School Buildings, Property, Buses, Events and Zones
Ch 09: Courthouses and Penal Facilities
Ch 10: Federal and State Property
Ch 11: Administrative Agency Regulation
Ch 12: Local Ordinances
Ch 13: The Workplace
Ch 14: Real Property (Owned or Leased)
Ch 15: Emergency Regulation

Part IV: Transportation and Shipping of Firearms, Reciprocal Carry and Carry by Qualified Active and Retired LEOs
Ch 16: Transporting Weapons in Travel and Shipping
Ch 17: Reciprocal Carry
Ch 18: Carry by Qualified Active and Retired LEOs

Part V: Prohibited or Restricted Persons and Illegal Weapons or Misuse of Lawful Articles
Ch 19: Prohibited or Restricted Persons
Ch 20: Illegal Weapons or Misuse of Lawful Articles

Part VI: Deadly Force and Civil Liability
Ch 21: Deadly Force
Ch 22: Civil Liability

Questions and Answers
IntelliGence QUotieNt™ Tests
Supplemental Reference Texts and Resources
Specimens for License to Carry
State Electronic Application for Handgun License
Sample Local (IMPD) Police Agency Instruction Sheet and Fee Schedule
Specimen FBI Fingerprint Card
Redacted ISP License Sheet
ISP “Important Firearm Injury Prevention Information” Sheet
Redacted Handgun License Application Letter of Denial
Duplicate Handgun License Request and/or Notification of Name or Address Change
Specimen Federal Forms
ATFE 4473 Form for Purchase of Firearm
ATFE 5320.20 Form for Interstate Transport of NFA Firearm
CBP 4457 Form for Registration of Firearms Taken Abroad
Local Ordinances
Indiana Penal Code
Federal Penal Code



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